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Massey Coldbeck - EBM Papst Double Inlet Range
Single Inlet Blowers from 85-200mm diameter impellers

EBM Papst Double Inlet Centrifugal Blowers


Centrifugal Fans with scroll housing, available single and three phase, in two and four pole speeds

Double inlet available from 97mm to 250mm


Part No Data Sheet   Part No Data Sheet
D2E 097-BE01-65     D4E 133-AA01-57  
D2E 097-BI52-A4     D4E 133-DA56-D4  
D2E 097-BI56-50 Here   D4E 133-DL01-D6  
D2E 097-BK76-E4     D4E 146-AA07-57  
D2E 097-CB01-02 Here   D4E 180-BA02-25 Here
D2E 133-AM31-05     D4E 180-DK01-05  
D2E 133-AM47-23 Here   D4E 200-CA02-02  
D2E 133-CI33-98     D4E 225-BC01-17  
D2E 133-CO47-92     D4E 225-BC01-36 Here
D2E 133-DM27-D8 Here      
D2E 146-AP47-64     D2D 133-AB02-01  
D2E 146-AP47-75 Here   D3G 133-BF03-06 Here
D2E 146-HT67-01 Here   D4E 133-DL01-J5 Here
D2E 160-AB01-06 Here      
D2E 097-BI56-02 Here      


Supplying to the OEM market, ebm-papst UK Ltd are the UK subsidiary for Europe's largest motor and fan manufacturer. Nearly a century of fan development and manufacture is complemented by the biggest investment in leading edge technology found within the fan industry.


Massey Coldbeck Ltd

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    F: 0151 546 9234

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